Amazon Self Service Features Released

AWS have released a new Self Service feature for WorkSpaces. This allows a number of permissions to be applied to every user within an Amazon WorkSpaces directory.


The options that you’ve chosen in the WorkSpaces directory show up in the client when you log on to the WorkSpace.


Whilst this a welcome improvement, the main ones advisable for client use would be:

  • Remember me.
  • Restart WorkSpaces from client.
    • Note that you would have to be connected to the WorkSpace in the first place to have this option, therefore it cannot reboot WorkSpaces that are in the UNHEALTHY state). If the WorkSpace has hung during and you are already connected, then you can reboot it via this method.
  • Rebuild WorkSpaces from client.
    • As per a normal rebuild, this could affect applications and configurations, and a user would need to know when to rebuild a WorkSpace. This would still be better left to a WorkSpaces administrator to decide.

Typically, you would not give users access to change volume size, computer type or to switch running modes as all of these will have an effect on your costs. The WorkSpaces Optimiser also takes care of the running mode on a monthly basis and sets it to the most efficient running mode based on the previous month’s usage.