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Amazon AppStream 2.0

Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed, and secure, application streaming service that provides users with access to applications, to on-premise and\or in Amazon Web Services, from anywhere within HTML5 compatible web browsers. Additionally, there is a dedicated client for Windows devices which offers even more features.

Users can run desktop applications securely on any device, including Windows and Linux PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks with no plug-ins or additional configuration required when using a browser. They will experience an application performance that is both responsive and fluid, and almost indistinguishable from a natively installed application. Additionally, there is no data stored on the client device. Your applications are completely secure within the Amazon Web Services data centres as the applications are stored and executed there with only interactive pixel streams provided to users.

You can experience increased scalability on-demand with no requirement for additional hardware, storage or licensing costs. This is very beneficial when it comes to the likes of graphically intensive applications where it is a requirement to purchase expensive hardware due to GPU, CPU, memory, or physical storage constraints of local devices.

You can also integrate Amazon AppStream with your in-house federation services provider (for example, Microsoft ADFS and Okta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 6 Stages To Project Success

Step 1:

Proof Of Technology 

Our definition of the proof of technology is where you can download and trial up to two WorkSpaces, for 60 days via the AWS Free Tier initiative. During this stage, you can evaluate it in your own time, test on a few devices and see that it actually does do what it says on the tin.

To access the free tier, you can either set this account up yourself or ask Nuvens to setup an account for you. There are advantages of engaging Nuvens at this early stage as our billing platform offers greater flexibility over the standard AWS platform and we are able to offer more flexible billing terms and alerts, should you want to use more than the free tier. The pricing and AWS interface are exactly the same as what you would receive from signing up direct.

Step 2:

Proof Of Concept

Once you have completed stage one and are happy with what you have seen, it is time to focus on to the proof of concept. During this phase, we will help you, through a series of short workshops or remote sessions, create a test environment for up to 20 WorkSpaces for 60 days.

Included within this process would be the deployment and testing of up to 5 key business applications and integration into your sandbox environment. This engagement is co-funded between ourselves and AWS, meaning ZERO cost to yourselves.


Step 3:


Many companies do not fully understand their application set and this is where Nuvens can really help. We will provide you with accurate overview of your environment – for example, which applications are used, CPU usage, memory activity, network traffic, which are best fit for virtualisation, traffic generated and hardware age.

From the information gathered in this phase, you will be able to make data driven, informed decisions as to the right path to take to move your desktop into a hosted environment

Step 4:

HLD & Cost Estimation

Along with a high-level design, we will take the information gleaned in the previous phase and provide you with cost modelling based on correct WorkSpace sizing for users, also known as rightsizing.

During this process we will also look at your existing management and security tools to ensure they are fit for purpose for Amazon WorkSpaces.


Step 5:

Low Level Design & Deployment

We use AWS best practices to design our environments and will liaise with your relevant staff, in workshops or one-to-one sessions, to form a vision of your user requirements. This will ensure that the correct WorkSpaces and applications are assigned to your users, and may open up other areas where WorkSpaces can be used to benefit your company. 

We will also take into account your existing application deployment environment and appropriately design the solution with this in consideration.

Step 6:

Project Hand Over & Skills Transfer

You can be as hands on or hands off as you like. We generally find a combination of both works best, however we can also offer a complete, ongoing, managed service once migrated.

What we truly believe is unique is the added value we bring to your deployment, with the integration of our WorkSpaces Portal for both users and admins, simplifying ongoing deployment and management and, helping users self-service their day to day needs. Your portal will be custom branded and will require zero knowledge of using the Amazon platform for the day to day management of your WorkSpaces Estate

Start your WorkSpaces or AppStream 2.0 project now. 

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